About Cryptosis

Cryptosis, derived from "crypto" and "analysis," is a powerful token that unlocks the hidden potential of wallet tracking and in-depth analysis. Our name embodies our mission - to provide insightful utilities that reveal the secrets of profitable wallets in the crypto world.

With Cryptosis, you gain access to advanced tools that delve deep into wallet analytics, enabling you to uncover valuable insights and maximize your profits. Our utilities offer a comprehensive understanding of wallet performance, strategic holdings, and lucrative trends.

Through state-of-the-art algorithms and meticulous data analysis, Cryptosis shines a light on profitable opportunities and empowers you to make informed decisions. Track wallet activities, identify high-performing assets, and leverage our insights to navigate the crypto landscape with confidence.

Cryptosis Alpha Insight

Alpha Insight is a comprehensive suite of utilities that brings unprecedented power and precision to your crypto analysis. Within our lineup, the Alpha Scout Telegram Bot and the Alpha Scout Signal Channel take center stage, offering cutting-edge features that redefine how you explore the Ethereum and Binance blockchains.

Alpha Scout Telegram Bot: Empowering In-Depth Wallet Analysis
The Alpha Scout Telegram Bot is your gateway to unparalleled wallet insights. Harnessing the capabilities of advanced algorithms, it provides users with a detailed breakdown of any wallet on the Ethereum and Binance blockchains. Discover profit and loss summaries, track all incoming and outgoing transactions, and gain a comprehensive understanding of wallet activities. With Alpha Scout Telegram Bot, you can make data-driven decisions and navigate the crypto space with confidence.

Alpha Scout Signals: Unveiling Profitable Opportunities
Alpha Scout Signals is a revolutionary feature that leverages the power of the Alpha Scout Bot data. It meticulously records every wallet utilizing the Alpha Scout Bot, analyzing their performance over time. By identifying the most profitable wallets, Alpha Scout Signals delivers precise buy signals, ensuring you never miss a lucrative opportunity. Capitalize on the collective wisdom of the Alpha Insight community and strategically align your investments with high-performing wallets.

$CRY Tokenomics

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Q2 2023
⚬ Brand building and establishing online presence
⚬ Creating awareness and community engagement
⚬ Release of the Alpha Scout bot
⚬ Conducting a fair launch event
⚬ Implementing tier 2 marketing strategies
⚬ Obtaining Coingecko and Marketcap listings
Q3 2023
⚬ Forging strategic partnerships
⚬ Executing tier 3 marketing campaigns
⚬ Limited release of $CRY NFTs
⚬ Major update to the Alpha Scout bot
⚬ 10,000 wallets collected
⚬ Securing a top 20 listing on a major exchange
⚬ Launching the Alpha Scout Signals feature
⚬ Implementing payment tiers for enhanced user experience
Q4 2023
⚬ 30,000 wallets collected
⚬ Releasing the Alpha Scout Dapp for enhanced functionality
⚬ Achieving a top 10 listing on a major exchange
⚬ Conducting further testing and implementing new features based on user feedback
Q1 2024
⚬ To Be Announced (TBA)


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